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Are Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Are Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis

In this article, you’ll learn about “Are Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis”. Wearing proper shoes as Oofos can also help with plantar fasciitis. Oofos are good for plantar fasciitis since they can relieve pain. The shoes have increased impact absorption and patented biomechanically engineered footbeds enhance circulation.  Do you suffer from heel pain? If yes, … Read more

Are Skechers Arch Fit Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Are Skechers Arch Fit Good for Plantar Fasciitis

Skechers Arch Fit shoes feature an insole with medial arch support allowing the plantar fascia tissue to relax.  In this article, we will answer the most asked question “Are Skechers Arch Fit good for plantar fasciitis?“ The Skechers Arch Fit is among the most comfortable collections of the brand. It is a collection of walking … Read more

Does A Walking Boot Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Does A Walking Boot Help Plantar Fasciitis

You can use a walking boot to help with plantar fasciitis. It is a non-surgical treatment for the foot condition. Also, a walking boot for plantar fasciitis can offer you more mobility. In this article, you’ll find out the answer to does a walking boot help plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition wherein … Read more

5 Famous Athletes with Flat Feet

Famous Athletes with Flat Feet

Suffering from flat feet can be cumbersome, particularly for runners. This condition involves soreness and pain in the back, legs, ankles, bunions, and heels. However, famous athletes with flat feet like Said Aouita, Steve Plasencia, Alan Webb, Haile Gebrselassie, and Shawn Crawford succeed in their athletic careers despite their condition. If you are an aspiring … Read more

How Long Will My Toes Be Numb After Wearing Heels?

How Long Does Toe Numbness Last After Wearing Heels

If you are wondering how long will my toes be numb after wearing heels, we have got the answer. Toe numbness after wearing heels may last for 3 to 4 days. It can also depend on some factors. If it worsens, seek medical help.  It is a fact that wearing heels is common for many … Read more

Can A Chiropractor Fix Duck Feet?

Can A Chiropractor Fix Duck Feet

Can a chiropractor fix duck feet? Yes, a chiropractor can help fix duck feet through chiropractic adjustments. You can also perform exercises to correct this condition.  Your feet can affect the rest of your body. If you observe that your feet point out, you have duck feet.           This condition increases the risk of pains in … Read more

Why Do Gymnasts Wear One Sock?

Why Do Gymnasts Wear One Sock

Why Do Gymnasts Wear One Sock? Gymnasts wear one sock for foot protection and reduce friction as they practice and perform turning elements. It helps to prevent unwanted friction on the skin of their feet. On the other hand, some gymnasts don’t wear socks since they don’t perform major turning elements. Some also found socks … Read more

Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Controversy

In analyzing your treatment options for plantar fasciitis, you have probably heard at least one mention of night splints. Generally speaking, the feedback from wearers of popular products such as the Strasburg sock (not really a true night splint) tend to vary from, “works like magic” to “couldn’t sleep with it on.” Read this whole guide … Read more

How to Shower After Foot Surgery?

How to Shower After Foot Surgery

Like most surgical procedures, including plantar fasciitis surgery and bunion surgery, you’ll need to keep the operated area completely dry. Following bunion surgery, your surgeon will recommend you keep the stitches in the sutured area dry and clean. Keeping the operated area thoroughly dry is extremely crucial to enable the infection to heal better and … Read more